Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Your Birthday

Dear Rinpoche

Your birthday falls so close to
our great holiday,Thanksgiving, that
I am filled with gratitude,
knowing full well that
your gifts are beyond thanks
and I must live always
with this infinite
debt of love.

Lacking the merit to attend your birthday,
I send these vain words and make the same promise as
Prince Candracchattra made to Tathagata Bhaisajyaraja
long ago in the universe called Mahavyuha
to hear, believe, honor, uphold, penetrate, and incorporate
your beautiful teachings in all my lives.

May your health be perfect.
May you be ageless as you are wise, like Nagarjuna.
May your Buddhas’ smile shine on forever.

Carroll, in Maine
( written as the first snowflakes of the year came
floating down and whitened the world in peace)

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