Friday, November 9, 2007

Celebration of a Patriarch

On this magnificent day, dakinis gather in the sky.
Gathering precious substances never seen before,
May they present You with exquisite offerings,
Uttering words of praise beyond imagination!
May this celebration be that of your Glorious Attainment
Both in Learning and Realization.
A true Spiritual Friend, your being will always be
A Genuine Source of Inspiration for All!
You quench the thirst of countless disciples
With the Nectar of Your Unequalled Instructions!
Doubtlessly leading them to The Realm of Unbiased Clarity,
Your Patience keep manifesting Your Great Humility.
May these words of praise,
Which are only pretense on my side,
Fill Your Heart with Joy and inspire You
To look down on us with ever Greater Compassion.
Lama Khyenno!
Repa Sang-Ngag Gompo

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