Monday, November 26, 2007

See Photos of Celebration

Thanks to the kind and swift efforts of Khenpo Karma Namgyal, from Karma Lekshey Ling Institute, and Gaby from Munich, we are able to view photos of the celebration by clicking on the link below. Thank you again Khenpo and Gaby!

See Photos Page 1 - Page 2

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photo from Birthday Party

A memorable day at Namo Buddha and worldwide -
photo courtesy of Khenpo Karma Namgyal -
thanking everyone,
gaby in munich

Birthday Wishes from Helsinki

Dear Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche,
Wish you all the best for your birthday - keep healthy and a long live
tashi delek -
tsultrim dorje(werner h. fischer - helsinki)
ps. I attended your teachings some years ago at the samye ling tibetan center - thank you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear Rinpoche,

All members and friends of Vajra Vidya Portland wish you a most joyous birthday. We are so grateful to have you as our teacher. On this auspicious occasion, please accept our best wishes. We will continue our dharma study and practice in gratitude for your presence in our lives.
Here is a photo of us celebrating your special day.
Happy Birthday!

Best of wishes for your 75th birthday!

Dearest Venerable Rinpoche,
Best of wishes for your 75th birthday!

Thank you for making the effort to travel to Southern California to spread your dharma.
Your presence teaches us about wisdom and compassion, and the clarity of your words helps us to understand what your presence has revealed.
I am very grateful for your blessings.

Molly Schneider

Friday, November 23, 2007

From Albany KTC

Albany Karma Thegsum Choling sends you best wishes for a healthy and happy year and many more to come. We are indebted to you for your many teachings over the years, knowing that your presentations are very clear, orderly and authentic. Your books have become reference tools. We are inspired by your constant dharma-centered activity for the benefit of all beings. May you live long and your dharma flourish throughout the world.
Yours in the Dharma,
Jeanne Mathewson on behalf of Albany KTC

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday

Dear Rinpoche,
With all my heart I wish to thank you for your immeasurably profound teachings and transmissions, and above all for your presence in this world today. May you abide with us for many, many years to come, radiating the joy of Liberation.
With all my love and devotion,
Ani Jinpa Lhamo

75th birthday

Dear Rinpoche,

I wish you a very happy birthday and many good wishes for a long and healthy life. I appreciate very much all the teachings I have received from you over the past 22 years and the week of Initiations for the retreat was the best of my life. I have also found great benefit from the last 2 teachings from you on Lojong and Pointing Out the Dharmakaya.
Thank you so much for all your kindness
With love and appreciation
Yours in the Dharma,
Ingrid Mair

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cheerful Birthday

Dear Rinpoche,
Your enriching and magnificent presence has touched so many lives. May you continue to bring peace to the world through your perfect teachings and your many activities. Please enjoy your birthday.
Cyncie Moore
Nova Scotia, Canada

Your Birthday

Dear Rinpoche

Your birthday falls so close to
our great holiday,Thanksgiving, that
I am filled with gratitude,
knowing full well that
your gifts are beyond thanks
and I must live always
with this infinite
debt of love.

Lacking the merit to attend your birthday,
I send these vain words and make the same promise as
Prince Candracchattra made to Tathagata Bhaisajyaraja
long ago in the universe called Mahavyuha
to hear, believe, honor, uphold, penetrate, and incorporate
your beautiful teachings in all my lives.

May your health be perfect.
May you be ageless as you are wise, like Nagarjuna.
May your Buddhas’ smile shine on forever.

Carroll, in Maine
( written as the first snowflakes of the year came
floating down and whitened the world in peace)

Happy Birthday

Dear Rinpoche,
Thank you for granting us so many years of your precious presence, pouring out teachings, initiations and instructions unceasingly. May you be in good health and strength for many years to come

from Hanna Hündorf, long term resident and retreatant at Kagyu Samye Ling, Scotland - now leading the Dharma Study Group Kiel and helping in Samye Dzong Kirchheim, both in Germany

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

Even if you chose to cease all outward activities, your blissful presence would still be the greatest of blessings to this world. Your generous activities of teaching and practice with boundless patience magnify this blessing beyond measure. Happy 75th birthday-may you remain well and may all your activities prosper.

Your grateful st
udent, Cole

Happy Birthday from Prague, Czech Republic

Dear Rinpoche,
Thank you so much for coming into my life and being my teacher--I send you another hug, and make a personal offering. May you enjoy excellent health, and may all your wishes be quickly fulfilled.

With love,
David McDonnell

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

after our medicine buddha practise tonight, we sang happy birthday and ate cake..there are seven regular candles plus the "5" for 75! (this is not an extraordinarily Canadian thing, but someone was improvising!)
All best to Rinpoche...
Victoria Medicine Buddha Practise Sangha

Monday, November 19, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos Rinpoche

Happy birthday Rinpoche,
May you have many more years so we can continue to benefit from your teachings and kindness.

Aureliano Nava
Los Angeles

Happy Birthday

All my best wishes for a joyful birthday and a very long life.
With deep devotion, Nancy Phillips

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

Venerable Karma Lodro
Who is the glory of the teachings
May your excellent qualities expand to fill the sky
And may your life be long and steadfast
May your buddha activity of elucidating and accomplishing
Blaze gloriously
Completely victorious in all directions

Love from Pema
in London, Ontario

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!

Hi Rinpoche, happy birthday to You.
Please live long long to guide deluded beings like me. Thank you. All the best for all Your meritorious projects. May they quickly be actualized without any obstacles.

May all beings be well & happy

Happy 75th birthday!

Dear Rinpoche,
May you have a long and healthy life and continue to bless beings with the light of Dharma.
Happy 75th birthday!
Max Maksimik

, NY

Blessings for your Birthday

Hello Rinpoche,
I am sending this message with love and respect and many good wishes for your 75th Birthday Celebration,
your humble student,
Steve Quiney
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Celebrating Your 75th Birth Day

Most Venerable KhenchenThrangu Rinpoche,
First, I wish to thank your most precious mother and father for bringing you into this world! Secondly, I wish to thank you for being an incredible teacher of the Dharma. Thirdly, I wish you a very healthy and long life. Please take some time on your birthday to realize what a great impact you have had over the last 75 years on all your students and this one in particular. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Rinpoche!
As it is,
Sheila Duddy
Minneapolis, Mn

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche.
May you have happiness, joy, health and long life. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary life and wisdom with us all. BAW

Happy Birthday

To my precious Guru Thrangu Rinpoche,
I wish you every happiness on your 75th Birthday and wish you a long life to continue your wonderful activities for the benefit of all beings. I give thanks for my connection with you and the Dharma teachings I have received from you.
With love, from your student,

Hugh Flint ( Oxford, England )

Happy Birthday

Dear Thrangu Rinpoche,
Thank you so much for everything that you give us. May you stay in good health and have a long life.

Best wishes,
Anders Nygaard

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

Dear Most Ven Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche,
where ever you are on this planet now.
Big birthday congratulation with a grand wish for all the best to You today and always.
Happy Birthday to you
May all your wishes be fullfilled and you live long and have a splendid blessed birthday
Happy Birthday to You Rinpoche with much gratitude and devotion
from ani ea

From Vajra Vidya Centre, the Netherlands

Dear Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche,
We wish you a very happy birthday! May you always be well and in good health. We convey our deepest thanks for the glimpses of light you bring into our hearts and minds by your teachings and your inspiration. Thanks very much for your enlightened activities which soften the deepest pain and confusion in all sentient beings. We wish that we can attend your teachings for many, many years to come. We pray for your long life!

With very warm regards,
Antoon Kamp and Pety Kamp-Toutenhoofd

Also from all our students here from Vajra Vidya The Netherlands

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happiest of Birthdays to you Rinpoche from Los Gatos California

Dear Precious Rinpoche, Lord of Refuge,
I wish you a very, very happy birthday, and many more to come!
You provide such happiness in my life and such care for me.
Your detailed teachings on Mahamudra are so clear and helpful.
They sing in my mind like music. Please never stop bestowing
us with your wonderful wisdom! I fervently wish long life to you,
please bless us with your presence for a very long time to come.
Please enjoy the day of your wonderful birthday, may you be as
happy as you make all of us!

A sincere wish to you Rinpoche, Happy Birthday!!!
With love,
Greg of Los Gatos California

Birthday Wishes

Dear Rinpoche,

Very best wishes for a very happy birthday, good health and long life. Long may you continue to teach the precious Dharma for the well being of all. Many, many thank you for the gifts of Dharma you have given to me. I send you my appreciation and love on this, your 75th birthday.

Carole in Providence, RI

Kalachakra Stupa completed for your birthday!

My thoughts and prayers have been with you in gratitude in the last months of slowly polishing the marble. I am slow, but remembering your teaching I rejoice.The stupa is my outer offering on your birthdate.

May your health be good, may we always meet again.

Happy Birthday,

Wishing you a very Happy 75th Birthday.

Dear Rinpoche,
Tashi Delek!
Wishing you a very Happy 75th Birthday.
Thank you for your kindness and teachings.
You have made such a difference to my life.
May all beings be blessed with such a connection.
May you have good health and a long life.
Kindest regards,
Yours in the Dharma,
Chris Leslie

From Karma Chagchen Ling - Vienna/Austria

Dear V. V. Thrangu Rinpoche,
On this happy occasion of your 75th birthday, we are sending our most joyful greetings from Vienna/Austria and stay, with constant wishing-prayers for your well-being and long life,

Very sincererly Yours
Dr. Wolfgang Leibel
with Elisabeth and the members of KCL Vienna

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

We would like to wish you a very happy birthday and we thank you for all the things you have done. May you continue in good health.
Rachel and David - England

From The Karma Kagyu Community Germany

Most beloved Rinpoche!
The Karma Kagyu Community Germany with its lamas and members, the sangha of the Kamalashila Institute
®, the grateful retreatants of Karma Tekchen Yi Ong Ling, and the practitioners of all other centres thank you for everything you have given to us by your immeasurable generosity. May you always be well and in good health! May you have a long life fort he benefit of all beings!

Yours in the Holy Dharma,
Horst-Günter Rauprich

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

I wish you Happy Birthday with all my heart.  It is 6 years that I do not follow your teachings nor have come to Nepal, but your existence just continues to serve as a guide in my life. At present I started again the Dharma teachings in Rome and hope to soon be able to follow your dharma teachings again in Sarnath.   All best wishes for a very long life.  Stefanella

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

Your grateful retreatants at Sopa Choling send our profound love, devotion and best wishes on your birthday, Rinpoche. We give you the gift of our practice. In particular, with appreciation for the twenty years that you have been skillfully guiding my practice, I dedicate a month of chod retreat to your longevity. Through all our births may we never be separated from the perfect guru and so enjoy the splendor of dharma.

Druppon Susan Chapman

Happy Birthday!

Rinpoche, thank you for your wonderous teaching.
May you always be our light.
Good health and long life.
Jim O'Rourke
Port Angeles, WA

Birthday Wishes

I took refuge vows with you at Boudnath, Nepal in 1976. My name is Valeria Bertuzzi, I'm a stained glass windows painter , from Bologna, Italy. At that time I was a girl, now I'm 52 years old, and I'm married, with a son.
I wish you a happy 75th Birthday, and a long and healthy life.

Birthday Wish for Thrangu Rinpoche

May your kindness continue to grow and your aspirations be fulfilled. Thank you for starting Nitartha Institute.

Best wishes,
Linda Patrik

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!

Dear Thrangu Rinpoche,
Tashi Delek!
Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!
Warm regards, and thank you for your wonderful teachings,

Sally Clay, Teachings Editor
Densal Magazine and KTD Publications

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

Dear Thrangu Rinpoche,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and that your health may thrive and Dharma activity flourish for many more years.
Also thanking you for the generous teachings, advice and help you have given us over so many years.

Maarten and Susanna Vermaase (Oxford)
on behalf also of Maarten's yoga groups

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!

Having traveled so long and far through samsara,
I want to thank you for offering a frequent flyer ticket to nirvana.
A companion ticket!!
May all beings be able to use it soon.
Wishing you nothing less than Dewachen in every lifetime,

Yours always in the dharma,
Hayong Trukhen Lakpa
Sandy Garson

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche! May you always be well! Deepest thanks for all the Dharma you have taught for the benefit of beings. You have helped me so much!

Pat Forsberg-Smith

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Victoria Medicine Buddha Practise Group

We are a small group in Victoria BC who meet twice a month to practise Medicine Buddha.  On November 19, we will be doing our practise in Tibetan (we usually practise in English) in honour of Rinpoche's birthday.  I believe that there will be a cake too...
with all of our good wishes as Rinpoche continues to spread the dharma (and his smile) wherever he goes... long may he continue!

Walter Quan
on behalf of the Victoria Medicine Buddha Practise Group

Steve in Texas

Dear Thrangu Rinpoche,

Your rowdy and semi-tamed students in Texas thank you for your generosity and patience, and wish you a long healthy life and many more years of enlightened activity among us.

Steve Smaha in Austin

An Offering Prayer to the Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche`s Birthday

To the Incomparable Teacher, the Precious Buddha,
To the Incomparable activity of the precious Excellent Dharma,
To the Incomparable Guide, the precious Sangha,
To the Refuges,the three Jewels, I make offerings.
Happy Birthday Rinpoche!
Thank you for everything you have given to us by your immeasurable generosity. I´ll share your Birthday celebration in mind at the Guru Rinpoche day.
Wishing you a little rest in silence and a little bit more time on your own for to overcome all the outer activities in strong health and deep happyness -for the sake of all beings.
Yours in the Dharma
Astrid Losat from
Thrangu House,Germany

From Shambhala Sun Foundation, Canada

Dear Thrangu Rinpoche,
On behalf of everyone at the Shambhala Sun Foundation, publishers of the Shambhala Sun and Buddhadharma magazines, we send our best wishes for your good health on the occasion of your 75th birthday. Thank you for your tireless devotion to presenting the genuine buddhadharma to students young and old in Tibet, Nepal, India and the West.

Melvin McLeod

Debra Ross
Development and Marketing

From Kalimpong, West Bengal, India

Dear Rinpoche!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
I wish you many happy returns.
I wish and pray that your activity may grow and flourish throughout the universe for the benefit of all sentient beings.
And I also pray that your profound teachings and your dharma practice bring all your students to the attainment of ultimate mahamudra.

Thank you very much for being with us.
Yours in the dharma,

From Frankfurt, Germany

Dearest Venerable Rinpoche,
All the very best wishes for your 75 birthday and especially good health. Thank you so much for all the love you have given to me and Holger and the many years of blessings and teachings, especially this year in Germany.
Would love to be there in Namo Buddha to celebrate with you and all the guests.
Yours in the dharma, Barbara & Holger Obermann, Frankfurt, Germany

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From Vajra Vidya Study Group Munich

To the Very Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche
We, your disciples of the Vajra Vidya Studying Group Munich, Germany, would like to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many happy returns of the day, especially as your today's birthday is a very honorable one since you become 75.
Here in Germany this special birthday -75 years - is traditionally celebrated with all family members and friends in a very particular way. Although we are, unfortunately, so many miles away from you in India and we cannot celebrate with you personally, we feel very close to you from the bottom of our hearts and do hope so much that you will spend your today's birthday and all coming days in best and healthy condition.
Some of our group were very fortunate to see you again at Kamalashila monastery in Germany this autumn and it always means a lot to us to see you personally and hear your wonderful teachings so we would like to thank you very very much for your efforts coming here to Germany and let us join and feel your marvellous presence and loving kindness.

Yours very faithfully
Dr. Thea Kohler and the V.V.-Group Munich

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche

The warm reassurance of your presence
The unwavering generosity of your teachings
The kindness in that famous smile of yours
How you have touched our hearts!

Happy Birthday Rinpoche
Joan Liepman

From Santa Monica KTC

Dear Rinpoche
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and since it is close to Thanksgiving... I will add "Thanks" for "Giving" so much to us.

Daniel Kane
Santa Monica KTC

Best Wishes for Your Birthday

Dear Rinpoche,
All best wishes for your birthday and for always. What a marvellous thing, to be able to help so many people.
I always appreciate your teachings and advice, especially for retreats.
Many many more happy and healthy birthdays!
Miriam Maisel

Heartfelt Birthday Greetings

Dear Rinpoche
I send warmest and heartfelt birthday greetings to you. We are still blessed to have you with us, hopefully for many more years to come.
With much love
Dorinda Thrussell (Oxford)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Happy Birthday Rinpoche! Many blessings and wishes for a long life.
Sincerely, Karma Ngawang Choedron (Pilar Arthur – Snead)

Cheerful Birthday Rinpoche!

Dear Rinpoche,
Your kindness to me and all other beings never ceases to humble me. You have been there when I was alone and have always showed me the way through your own example. You have allowed me to offer and have reminded me to not forget. Thank you for showing me what compassion actually is. Thank you.

Cheerful Birthday Rinpoche!

Humbly Yours,
Martin Evans.

From Tampa, Florida KTC

Dearest Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche,
Have a Very Happy & Healthy 75th Birthday and May Your Life Continue Beaming like the Radiant Sun !!!

Blessings to You Always & to All Beings!

Cralle Hall 813/961-0559
Tampa, Florida Karma Thegsum Choling

Happy Birthday from Chicago KTC

Dear Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche,
Chicago Karma Thegsum Choling wishes you a happy 75th birthday and a long and healthy life.

Happy 75th Birthday Rinpoche!

Dear Rinpoche,
Happy 75th Birthday Rinpoche!

May you continue to have good health and enjoy a long life and may your teachings, generosity, excellent qualities and Bodhisattva activities expand and fill all our skies, now and for all future generations to come.

Tom Leeser

From Malaysia

Dearest Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche,
Happy 75th Birthday! Many, many happy returns of the day and thank you ever so much for blessing us all. Here's to another 75 years of health, long life and greatness!
Great and
We honour you, our dearest Guru, on this very special day of your life.
From Alice Lim, Ah Tee, Jackson & Jefferson
(Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hi Rinpoche

Hi Rinpoche –
Thank you so much for your smile, the one we all keep in our hearts, after we have once seen it on your site
We might make the mistake of thinking that these are dark days without your friendly and inexhaustible reminder to us always
Keep beaming on us all, Sun of the Dharma!
Peace and light to us all!
Haj Ross

Every Good Wish!

Rinpoche :
every good wish!
norvie ( KTD )

Friday, November 9, 2007

Celebration of a Patriarch

On this magnificent day, dakinis gather in the sky.
Gathering precious substances never seen before,
May they present You with exquisite offerings,
Uttering words of praise beyond imagination!
May this celebration be that of your Glorious Attainment
Both in Learning and Realization.
A true Spiritual Friend, your being will always be
A Genuine Source of Inspiration for All!
You quench the thirst of countless disciples
With the Nectar of Your Unequalled Instructions!
Doubtlessly leading them to The Realm of Unbiased Clarity,
Your Patience keep manifesting Your Great Humility.
May these words of praise,
Which are only pretense on my side,
Fill Your Heart with Joy and inspire You
To look down on us with ever Greater Compassion.
Lama Khyenno!
Repa Sang-Ngag Gompo

Happy Birthday!

Dear Rinpoche,
Happy Birthday! May you have many more years of good health, and may your wonderful teaching and personal example continue to enrich and inspire people everywhere. Thank you so much for all that you have given.
John Fritzlen

From Gaby in Munich, Germany

Dear Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche,
Thank you for making the earth worthy and for allowing us to participate, as best as we can, in your enlightened activities.
Happy Birthday, always and ever,
from Gaby Hollmann in Munich, Germany

Happy Birthday Lama-la

Dearest Rinpoche , We wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you live a very Long and Healthy Life! Thank You for the many years that you have Blessed us . There would have been no Hope to have sailed on this ocean of samsara without your Profound Teachings. You are our Light House , forever guiding us safely home. Our Hearts are filled with Joyful Wishes and Prayers for you on your Birthday and every day. May nothing ever separate us from you , our Perfect Teacher !

With Love & Devotion Always, Ken & Karen

Happy 75th Birthday Rinpoche!

May the seventy-fifth year of Our Venerable Master's
life remain stable and healthy. He is truly a jewel
in the crown of the three jewels...I wish our Rinpoche
TASHI DELEK blessings. In truth and loving kindness,
Karma Tsultrim Matok Parkin

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!

Happy Birthday, Rinpoche!
I took refuge vows with you last year and it has changed my life.
Cheryl Kiras

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Hello! And happy birthday / many many returns to the day to Rinpoche!
Bernard D. Tremblay
(aka Karma Chopal)

Namaste and Happy Birthday!!

Namaste and Happy Birthday!!
Love, Arthur Collins

From the TTC-Hamburg Sangha

Best wishes to You, dear Rinpoche!
Thank you for all Your precious dharma-teachings and

Kind regards,
Maren Simoneit, Secretary
TTC-Hamburg, Tibetan-Buddhist Meditation and Studycenter
, Germany

Thursday, November 8, 2007

From Chogyam Trungpa Legacy Project

Dear Rinpoche,

The Chogyam Trungpa Legacy Project sends its wishes for your long life, good health, and the continuation of your many projects to benefit beings. Thank you for all you have done for the students of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and for your unfailing dedication to the buddhadharma. May all your work and teachings flourish.

Carolyn Gimian, Director
Chogyam Trungpa Legacy Project

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Happy birthday Rinpoche, & peace to the world!
Marc Wong

From Karma Lekshey Ling Institute

May I forward best wishes to Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche on his birthday that he will live long in this world with his great activities, in the name of our Abbot, Ven. Chöje Lama Phuntsok, the faculty, monks, students and pupils of Karma Lekshey Ling Institute in the Kathmandu Valley,

Khenpo Karma Namgyal

Happy Birthday!

Best wishes to you Rinpoche!
Thank you for all your efforts to teach the dharma.

Jeff Cox
Snow Lion Publications

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Thank you for your unending work and ceaseless effort to help guide all beings to liberation. I look forward to seeing you very soon and I send out my biggest thanks to you for all of your kind instruction and help over the last four years.

Tsewang Namgyal (James Daniel)
Asheville, NC

From Palpung Yeshe Chökhor Ling- Europe

Our sincere wishes and prayers for the long life and excellent health of the V.V. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. May your activities for the benefit of sentient beings flourish and find complete accomplishment.

The community of Palpung Yeshe Chökhor Ling - Europe

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!

Happy Birthday Rinpoche!
Timothy Olmsted
President of the Yongey Foundation in Colorado

Happy Birthday Rinpoche (November 20th) from Kagyu Samye Ling

As the co-founder of Kagyu Samye Ling, the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre in the West, Akong Tulku Rinpoche always ensured that all Buddhist teachings given at Samye Ling were transmitted by the very best teachers. A renowned scholar and highly realised master who has been tutor to both the 16th and 17th Karmapas, Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche has been a frequent visitor to Samye Ling and has given numerous precious teachings and empowerments. He is a veritable jewel of the Kagyu Lineage and everyone at Kagyu Samye Ling wishes him a happy birthday and a long life. May his wisdom and compassion continue to illuminate the world for many years to come.

On behalf of Akong Tulku Rinpoche, currently in Tibet, and Lama Yeshe Losal, on retreat,
Ani Rinchen Khandro
(author of Kagyu Samye Ling - The Story)

Happiest of birthdays to you Rinpoche!

28 years ago you came to Idyllwild and blessed us with your sublime presence. Thank you for never giving up on us. May your life be long and may you continue to turn the wheel of dharma for sentient beings where ever you are. Happiest of birthdays to you Rinpoche!
With much love,
Linda and Richard Page and Family

Happy 75th Rinpoche!

Your heart, like the sky,
Eyes that are the mountain peaks,
The sea of your compassion
Flowing from sky to mountain peaks
Always knowing my love for you,
Is as deep as the silence I am……

Dr. Sun

We Are Blessed

Precious Master,
I bow to That which allows you to be here helping and guiding us. We are blessed to have such a being, as you, in our world! May we all repay your kindness by applying the instructions you have tirelessly given us to our own lives!

old dog

From Karma Mahasiddha Ling - Idyllwild

Happy 75th Birthday Rinpoche!
All of the students at Karma Mahasiddha Ling would like to wish you a heartfelt happy birthday and are all so grateful to be your students! May you live long and continue your tsunami wave of benefit to all beings!